Народна библиотека „Радоје Домановић“ у Лесковцу, за време ванредног стања, организује низ мера и активности, које су у потпуности бесплатне и прилагођене свим старосним групама грађана Прочитај више

About us


Our vision is to become the main driving force and creator of the cultural ambience of the city and the cultural and information center of the local community. Our success so far has been built on the basis of the knowledge and skills of our employees. In an effort to keep pace with the ever-evolving development of information and communication technologies, we create an environment where we value the opinion of every employee, and our vision is to connect creativity and innovation with the best library business practice in our work.



As the main pillar of the library information system in the territory of the Jablanica District, and in accordance with the current trends in librarianship, the Library’s aim is to properly re-evaluate and bring back into focus library centers, which, despite the conditions in which they operate, play an important role in the communities in the south of Serbia. With its mission, the Library wants to meet the needs of the cultural life of the community, the personal, social and professional development of its citizens.



In order to successfully carry out the tasks entrusted to them, the employees of the Library are committed to: care for users and their needs, care for the development of the libraries in the Jablanica District, the promotion of local and Serbian culture, the maintenance of the local publications collection and the Legacy of Nikolaj Timčenko, the digitization of the local publications collection and old and rare books of the local cultural heritage, providing free access to all information sources, the use of information and communication technologies, commitment to lifelong learning aimed at personal improvement and the prosperity of the institution.



Department for Development and Improvement of Library Information Activity


Registry Office

The Library’s parent functions are precisely defined by the Law on Library and Information Service. According to the decision of the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, the Public Library in Leskovac was appointed to perform the parent functions in the Jablanica District. The library performs its parent functions directly through the Registry Office, which takes care of the development and improvement of the work of 52 libraries (6 public libraries, 44 school libraries, 2 special libraries and 5 branch libraries). The Registry Office also provides professional assistance to church and higher education libraries.

In the work on the development and improvement of library and information activity in its home area, the Registry Office:

– Supervises the professional work, resources and work conditions in libraries in harmony with     the applicable legal and sub-legal acts, in accordance with the instructions and standards that regulate the performance of library activity in the territory of the Republic of Serbia;

– Proposes measures for improving the work and development of libraries and potential  organizational forms of library activity;

– Gives expert opinions and recommendations;

– Carries out a five-day training of library staff for taking the professional exam in library-information activity;

– Delivers lectures aimed at the education and professional training of librarians;

– In order to improve the quality of work in all segments of library business, it performs instructional and advisory work and provides professional assistance to employees in branch libraries and the Library itself;

– Monitors and studies the situation, needs and work conditions of public libraries and proposes possible measures for their improvement in cooperation with the local self-government;

– Takes care of the continuous professional development of librarians by organizing accredited seminars and lectures on topics in contemporary library practice;

– Keeps the District Register of Libraries, which contains data on the space, equipment, library fund, staff and users of registered libraries;

– Keeps an electronic database within the unique software package Network of Libraries of Serbia, which it updates annually with data on current library operations;

– Works on connecting public libraries into the unique COBISS.SR library and information system;

– Encourages public libraries in the automation of business activity and digitization of library materials with the aim of protecting and promoting the cultural heritage of its region, as well as providing modern digital access to library materials;

– Encourages and coordinates the cooperation of public libraries in the acquisition of library materials, the flow of information and interlibrary loan;

– Encourages libraries to be present on the web;

– Collects professional publications – books and magazines, and regularly monitors electronic sources of information and provides updates on current trends in library activity;

– Cooperates with public, school and special libraries in the District, the National Library of Serbia, the Matica Srpska Library, the “Svetozar Marković” University Library, the Leskovac Center for Professional Development in Education, the Leskovac Bible School, the Professional Section of the Jablanica District School Librarians, the Church and Parent Libraries and other cultural and educational institutions in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.


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