Народна библиотека „Радоје Домановић“ у Лесковцу, за време ванредног стања, организује низ мера и активности, које су у потпуности бесплатне и прилагођене свим старосним групама грађана Прочитај више

Professional Publications Department with Reading Room

The Professional Publications Department developed from the Reading Room in 1960, primarily for the purpose of providing specialized services to a wide profile of the reading public and enabling undisturbed scientific-research, study, journalistic and educational work.
The bookstock consists of professional publications from all fields of science, but the Department also has plenty of titles from the areas of fiction, literary theory and art, possessing about 30,000 titles. It is divided into: the basic fund, the reference collection and the old and rare books fund covering the end of the 18 th and the beginning of the 19 th centuries, which can be found in the library of special collections. The publications cannot be taken outside the Library, and may be used solely in the reading room. The users of the services of this department are persons of prominence for our city. They are scientific workers who have found their place in the framework of world literature, such as Nikolaj Timčenko, Dušan Janjić, Dimitrije Tasić… And, of course, people of various professions to whom this fund meant a lot in their professional development, advancement and, of course, creative work. The lack of certain publications over time, as well as today, has been compensated by the interlibrary loan, which has always functioned exceptionally, especially with the National Library of Serbia, but also with other libraries on a smaller scale.
Until 2004, the department was completely separate, and access to the fund of this department was possible only with a special membership fee. Since 2005, users of the “Radoje Domanović” Public Library have a single membership fee and access to this fund with a membership card of the Adult Lending Department or Children’s Department. In this way, the fund of professional publications became even more accessible, and with the renovation of the space, it became more physically accessible to users, because it is freely accessible to almost the entire extent.
The Professional Publications Department with Reading Room, which has 70 reading seats, has an extremely rich book fund, which is available to a wide reading public.

The fund of the Professional Publications Department comprises literature from all scientific fields. Professional literature from the areas of philosophy, psychology, religion, social sciences, natural sciences, medicine, art, history as well as a reference collection, which consists of encyclopedias, lexicons, handbooks, dictionaries and bibliographies, can be borrowed and used by our library members exclusively in the reading room.

Monographic publications of the Professional Publications Department are arranged according to the UDC system, which enables both employees and users to search the book fund more comprehensively.
The reading public of this Department is primarily engaged in scientific-research, study and journalistic work.
Users are also provided with free Internet access, as well as the provision of the necessary information by searching the electronic database.



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